Friday, May 25, 2012

ART HK to be re-branded Art Basel in Asia

News this week: Following the acquisition of the Hong Kong International Art Fair (ART HK) by MCH Group last year, the event will be re-branded, “Art Basel in Asia” next year.

ART HK 2012, in its fifth edition ran from 17th to 20th May, attracted the participation of 266 galleries from 38 countries worldwide and a record 67,205 visitors to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).

The inaugural edition of the Art Basel in Asia will also be held at the HKCEC from 23rd to 26th May 2013 with a preview on 22nd May. The new fair will be directed by Magnus Renfrew, who is the current director of ART HK.

Renfrew commented, “The progress that the Fair has made over the last five years has been extraordinary. We have had a strong attendance from both the international art world and from the local Hong Kong community. The quality of work on show demonstrates how seriously galleries are now taking Asia. It will take time to develop the market here but we have witnessed this week an increased openness internationally in engaging with work from different cultural and aesthetic backgrounds and sales have been solid.”

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