Thursday, May 31, 2007

Record month

Readership of this blog has been increasingly pretty steadily since we started. This month, the first of our third year of blogging I am amazed to see has, however, been particularly striking with a 38% increase month-on-month from April to May. You're still a pretty select crowd and the Google Adwords revenues will buy us one good lunch if we're lucky.

However, with May 2007 up 260% vs. May 2006, there's clearly something here which is interesting you all.

So, thanks for that. It was indeed a merry month of May for this blog. Let's hope for a truly sunny June!


China Herald said...

An interesting observation, Paul, since I see something similar happening on my blog. Figures started to go up in March. From 12,000 unique visitors the past two months have brought each 30,000 unique visitors.
My theory is that the search engines are doing their work better. Most of the extra traffic is not entering through the front door or even recent articles, but hit everywhere in my archives.
Income from Adsense has also gone up a bit, but still cannot compensate for my cheap lunches.

China Herald said...

Forgot to mention that blogspot has been blocked again in China. That now might be not very good for your traffic.

Paul Woodward said...

Thanks for the feedback, Fons. It is certainly disappointing to hear that Blogspot is being 'jammed' again. I was pleasantly surprised in Shanghai at the beginning of this week to see how many sites I could access although the BBC and Wikipedia both remain completely off limits....unless, that is you access them through a GPRS phone with web browser which appears to bypass the Great Firewall altogether!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! A good lunch with Adsense money.. sounds cool :)

Paul Woodward said...

Chang - not enough to cover your wedding lunch I'm afraid! Congratulations on that news.