Monday, May 14, 2007

Clear-ish skies and Asian blogging

It's strange to report that the skies today in Beijing are blue(-ish) and the air is substantially clearer than the filth we were breathing in Hong Kong when I left this morning. Even stranger to hear from another Hong Kong-based friend who has just landed in Mumbai and found the same thing. Asia's World City needs either to pull up its environmental socks or on its gas mask.

With that off my chest (literally...splutter), we turn to blogging. We've written several times (most recently here) about the reports from Edelman and Technorati talking about trend-setting blogging in Asia. Now Hugo E. Martin reports on a Brand Republic piece which, when talking of blogging trends, notes:

  • Asian markets are driving adoption, with China and South Korea leading the way in actively creating content and socialising online ...
  • 72.3 % of blog readers in China also post online
Oh, and this is my first trip to China in which blogs are not all blocked. I'm sure I could include some words which fall foul of the great fire wall minders. But I can see mine, Hugo's and others with no problem today. One day they might unblock the BBC too. Then the air will really begin to have become clearer.

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