Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Quality Control" in Macau

I have been pointed towards the Destination Macau web site and an interesting piece they have posted on the Guangdong government's decision to tighten controls on independent travellers to Macau. The public response from Macau is that they welcome efforts to tighten up on illegal workers and problem gamblers.

It quotes Anthony Williams, Associate Director, Hospitality Property Management at Shun Tak, saying that:

he personally sees the move as a positive step for Macau. “Overall, I think a controlled slow down will be good for Macau as there is a danger or rapid growth outstripping the ability of the infrastructure to keep pace, which would be problematic and damaging to Macau’s reputation, and take a long time to recover from.”
We're now about one month away from the soft opening of the Venetian (this picture is the April web cam shot). I wonder what they think about all this?

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