Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Page 3 girls for the Wall Street Journal?

There must be more than a few contemplating the implications of the Dirty Digger's $60 a share bid for Dow Jones. We were only talking about him and his tasteful London tabloids just the other day.

Not the least interesting aspect would be the return of a Murdoch-owned paper to Hong Kong. His tenure as Digger-in-chief at the South China Morning Post in the last 80s and early 90s was brought to an end by Hong Kong's cross-media ownership laws and his acquisition of Star TV. The Wall Street Journal's newly comfortably-sized Asia edition has been published out of Hong Kong for 20+ years now.

We wonder how the 'new' look Far Eastern Economic Review would fare under Murdoch leadership. Editor Hugo Restall will presumably be hoping that he doesn't notice that it's still there. Altogether too worthy for Rupert, surely. Mind you perhaps the terribly hip and trendy "Traveller's Tales Blog" could be ported across to the new MySpace China which, China's media ownership laws being what they are is of course entirely independent of News Corp., Wendi Deng's presence on the Board notwithstanding...

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