Sunday, May 13, 2007

Off to Beijing and Indian thoughts

I'm off to the airport again tomorrow for a trip to Beijing. The world's publishers are gathering for FIPP's biennial World Magazine Congress. There will be quite a crowd there.

My mind, though, continues to turn towards India. China is a tough market in which to operate either legally or profitably and the lack of either of those basics makes it relatively less attractive than it should be for many publishers.

The Indian market is lively and I continue to see a lot that is of interest:

  • Over at, there is news of Indian Express having launched a new classifieds site, Express Classifieds. Blogger Nikhil Pahwa doesn't seem unduly impressed but does give a good overview of the vibrant classifieds sector in India.
  • Fellow international B2B blogger Hugo E. Martin, kindly citing an earlier post of mine, gives a good, quick summary of basic market data.
  • One of the fastest-growing and best respected technology and B2B publishers in the country, Cybermedia, has just announced three new senior positions to head up the Group's three divisions, Print Publishing, Online and Life Sciences, and the CyberMedia Services group
We look forward to hearing what China news emerges from around the FIPP event. We were interested to see that, after the Congress in Beijing in the first part of the week, they have been persuaded that a trip to Shanghai at the end of the week would be interesting. No doubt it will.

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