Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WAP and woof in China

I was going to write this morning about the SuperDoggie web site. China Web 2.0 Review has a good piece about this record label for the pets of the emerging Chinese middle class. Is this reborn with Chinese characteristics (and thus a signal of the end of the Web 2.0 China boom) or (more likely) an online equivalent of the pet vanity magazines which thrive in the US and elsewhere. More probably the latter and, therefore, a license to print money.

No, what I will write about is another China Web 2.0 piece this morning about WAP and China. I'm not sure whether to think that 39 million WAP users is a good thing or disappointing. It's a big-ish number. But there are over 450 million mobile users in China. So, fewer than 10% of them are interested in mobile data. Highlights of the piece include:

  • Most of the WAP users (over 60%) live in east of China, the concentration rate of WAP users are higher than that of internet users and mobile subscribers.
  • About 9.7 million, or about one forth of total WAP users, live in Guangdong Province.
  • 57% users will use WAP at least once a week.
  • 26% users pay RMB 11-20 yuan per month for WAP usage, 23% users pay 21-50 yuan and 20% users pay 6-10 yuan.
Hmm. Food for thought. Not pet food, though.

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