Thursday, July 06, 2006

Seatrade Asia Online

I was very pleased to see my old friends at Seatrade - the UK-based independent maritime industries media group - launching a new, online initiative, Seatrade Asia Online. The sponsored site includes a free daily update on shipping stories from across the Asia region, including the Middle East Gulf, Indian subcontinent, SE Asia and East Asia.

They're going for a free access and archive model and I wish them well with it. This follows the success they've had over 5 years or so with the cruise shipping site Seatrade Cruise Community.

I should confess that I have a special connection with this group: they saw fit to offer me my first media job back in 1982 and brought me to Asia in 1985. It's a great company that, unlike many of the large media conglomerates which try to cover every base, covers one industry very well.

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