Friday, July 28, 2006

More news from India

We noticed two interesting pieces on India day browsing The first was a piece headlined "A Third Of eBay India Sellers Use Auction Portal As Their Main Source Of Income". This apparently relates to 12,800 individuals and small companies. Commenter Shirin notes that "other sites have entered the auction/classifieds arena as well. is the newcomer. Others include,". He estimates, however, that eBay accounts for over 95% of the market.

In the more structured sector, Cybermedia has reported net profits up 23% in its first quarter. Revenues were up 25% at Rs15.45 crores (US$3.3 million). Highlight was a 47% increase in online revenues which, although still small at Rs1.48 crores (US$317,000) are clearly growing very quickly.

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Anonymous said... looks like they have entered the online price comparison shopping space and not doing much with classifieds