Friday, July 07, 2006

Global plastics shows

There's an interesting editorial from Bob Grace at Plastics News on the internationalisation of plastics industry shows. Highlights include his view that:

  • The Society of Plastics' recent NPE 2006 show in Chicago was the first to really earn its globe logo following an aggressive international promotion campaign. Indian exhibitors, for example, were up to 43 from virtually zero at the last event. Greater China contributed 188 exhibitors.
  • Adsale's Chinaplas show is on the cusp of joining "the world's elite plastics shows" Grace thinks. The show, he says, "is growing at a torrid pace, in step with China's plastics industry".
Like the piece we ran last month from Circuits Assembly, Bob has a few suggestions to Adsale on cleaning out the fake Rolex brigade as this show joins the international elite.

We have reported a couple of times on Plastics News' electronic-only publishing venture in China. See here and here for previous posts.

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