Saturday, July 22, 2006

China has 123 million internet users

(Re-posted directly from China Herald.)

internet - China has 123 million internet...: "

internet - China has 123 million internet users: CNICC

Bean counters can start adjusting their data base again. According to the CNICC, the official statistics provider of the internet, China has now 123 million internet users, reports AFP, up 19.4 percent compared with June 2005. A majority of 77 million has broadband connections.

The 6-monthly report always brings more interesting tidbits, although also others do some analysis of the figures. The people's Daily reports that two third of those making online purchases are male. Listen to me: that is not going to stay like that. One thing is for sure: e-commerce is still in a very early phase:

About 80 percent of sellers use and 34.5 percent use eBay. Nearly half of the on-line stores have daily transactions of below 10 yuan.

'It means most of the C2C (customer to customer) sellers do not regard on-line selling as their full-time business,' said [analyst] Chi.

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