Sunday, May 11, 2008

Virtually nothing going on in China

I have spoken to a few people since I posted last Sunday in a less than complimentary way about that loser's haven Second Life. The response has surprised me in its consistency and basically revolves around either "I thought that was all over" or a complete lack of enthusiasm. And, most of the people I talked to were not as old as me. So, this isn't just the old f***s not 'getting it'.

Business Week, however, appears to be eager to flog the dead horse and, as part of a package on virtual worlds, has a piece on China which suggests that the trend is far from over, but still work in progress. The piece is titled "Not Much Life in China's Virtual Worlds" and suggests that this is because "Chinese entrepreneurs' answers to Second Life are early stage". The corporate suits are, apparently, optimistic and see all sorts of opportunities for brand-building, training, and e-commerce.

I was pointed to this by Tangos on China Web 2.0 Review who has a good round-up of the state-of-play of China's virtual worlds world.

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