Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mobile on my mind

As regular readers will know, I have flushes of enthusiasm for mobile and what it might mean for B2B media and information in Asia. With 650+ million phones in China and India alone and over 3 billion around the world, it remains an under-utilised platform.

Yesterday, I attended a lunch organised by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong where a panel talked about mobile advertising. Marketing covers it here. A key focus of the three panelists was that, in order to be effective, advertisers should make use of the capacity to target messages. This is, in my view, central to any value which can be developed for the B2B markets where targeting is everything.

They were perhaps not quite as defensive as they should have been about the damage already done to the medium by blanket SMS spam campaigns although some questions from the floor were pretty pointed in bringing this up.

This is obviously all taking off in India as well as I came across three interesting pieces on this just yesterday:

  1. does a round-up of mobile advertising channels already active in India. Some of them sound pretty intrusive and unappealing to me, but there's clearly good mileage in others.
  2. Linking Hong Kong and India, reports on Buongiorno's launch of its mobile advertising solution into that market. Buongiorno is a Hong Kong-based value-added service provider focusing on mobile marketing solutions in which Japanese trading giant Mitsui is an investor. Unfortunately, their web site appears to have keeled over this morning amid all the excitement of expanding in the Indian market.
  3. Getting closer to my interest in market-specific, B2B applications is the announcement that "People Group’s real estate property,, has launched an SMS based mobile application, developed by sister concern, Mauj Mobile". Interestingly, the product eschews GPRS/3G mobile internet functions and is entirely SMS based.

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Anonymous said...

I think the domain of Mobile Advertising in Indian market is quite untapped... The operators and brands are not really understanding the potential and the power of the medium and of course the penetration.. There a kind of similar thought process that follows and that "SMS" advertising which they think is purely sending msgs to the subscribers which is the practise that's followed in India .... A lot of understanding and communication needs to be pump in... Rest the field is all your to explore