Thursday, May 15, 2008

Industry responds to earthquake tragedy

The whole world has been shocked by the catastrophic loss of life and damage in south-west China following the Sichuan earthquake. As always on these occasions, people are left wondering how they can help.

We've noticed a couple of initiatives from within our own industry today:

  1. Alibaba is donating US$300,000. The company is also promoting relief efforts through links on its web sites and allowing people to donate through Alipay.
  2. The Hong Kong exhibition industry association HKECIA has launched an appeal in a letter from its chairman Stanley Chu to all our members for your support and donations for those in need and suffering from the aftermath of this powerful earthquake".

There are probably others of which we're not aware. Let us know and we'll be happy to promote the links here as well so that people know where and how to donate.

The China Daily, from where this striking photo comes, has launched its own appeal together with the Soong Ching Ling Foundation.

Update: Web Wednesday's Napoleon Biggs has posted a little more on this. I'm going to try to get the banner to work on this site.

Update update: A very thorough review of 24 different ways to support the relief efforts over here at CN Reviews.

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