Friday, May 09, 2008

CMP "robust" in Asia but soft in Japan

United Business Media has released a trading statement in which it says that "Preliminary results announcement in February have continued over the last two months, with the positive start to the year continuing to be reflected in an overall trading performance which is modestly ahead of our expectations". It says "we remain confident of the prospects for the full year".

Here in Asia, at CMP, the performance is described as "robust". That sounds awfully tough and manly. So, well done Jimé, Michael and Chris. There is a bit of an alert about Japan though, as the report says "CMP Asia’s events in China are performing strongly. However we are seeing a slowdown in parts of our Japanese business." The sub-continent obviously remains a key focus as the Asia paragraph concludes "We continue to invest in developing our digital platforms and in extending our customer reach through geographic and product expansion, particularly in India".

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