Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jack 'n Bill won't play well together

Reports that Jack Ma does not want Alibaba to fall into Microsoft's world when the latter buys Yahoo! have generated some painful headlines. Yahoo! owns 39% of Alibaba after what we called the Yahoolibaba deal when it happened a couple of years ago.

Here's a small selection:

Motley Fool says: Alibaba and the Microhoo Thieves
Forbes pains us with : Alibaba Rubbing Lamps to Buy Back Yahoo! Stake

How about this, from Wired's blogsite, for a good additional level of rumour-mongering: " if is really looking to buy the stake currently owned by Yahoo (as reported by Reuters), Google would likely be the perfect fit", writes Betty Schiffman. You have to say that the idea of Jack Ma sitting in a board meeting with Sergey Brin sounds altogether more probable than the unpleasant prospect of Steve Ballmer trying to bully him around.

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