Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is this embarrassing or what?

You are in the business of issuing financial information.

Your company has already been 'in the wars' with a variety of bad luck bad news stories.

Your system misfires and issues six month old press releases which cause the share price of your New York-listed subsidiary to plummet.

It looks as though the year of the rat is starting off \inauspiciously for the team at Xinhua Finance.


Anonymous said...

The misfile or reissuance of those news stories was not made by Xinhua Finance itself. It was an error by Thomson Financial. All subscribers of Thomson also recieved a notificaction note about that error.

Paul Woodward said...

Thanks for setting us right. We had missed the detail of "a newswire" in the announcement.

So, the egg's on our face. Woops and apologies to Xinhua Finance who don't need any more trouble than they already have.