Friday, March 07, 2008

Google too "clever" for it's own good

I am sitting in Hong Kong. Therefore, I must be Chinese. That appears to be Google's logic as I look at the following screens in their Adsense system. Duhh!

Of course, lots of the people sitting in Hong Kong are Chinese and can read this. But, many are not; it's an international city. Give us a language option boys. I'll be happy to click through your screen once I can read it. Heck this may be the first time I've actually wanted to read one of those terms and conditions screens!!

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China Herald said...

Google is not the only service doing this, but one of the worse. They not only change your language when not being asked for it, they redirect you to their local search pages and they decide to filter your images. You can go to their settings and change your preferences, but every few weeks Google forgets about your preferences and starts redirecting, filtering without being asked. That is indeed not smart