Thursday, January 17, 2008

XPRN and mobile

It's been a while since I posted on mobile media and business information (click on the "Mobile" label to see some of the older ones). It's a topic that continues to niggle with me though. So many phones and so few interesting business applications.

It was interesting, then to see this announcement from Xinhua PR Newswire, the jv between Xinhua Finance and United Business Media's PR Newswire. They're linking up with NASDAQ-listed to add "XPRN's entire daily corporate press release file to's 40 million subscriber base". The releases will then be available to all mobile phone users that use for browsing and searching.

XPRN Director Yujie Chen is quoted as saying that adding "is especially important due to the ability to reach mobile phone users in large numbers". is building out a financial channel and we'll watch with interest to see if others sign up as real business information suppliers.

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