Saturday, January 12, 2008

China and India linked via Thailand

I started off reading a fairly old story from my old friends at Express Computer about Alibaba's "Open Sesame" event in Mumbai last month. Interesting stuff and I had a bit of a poke around Alibaba's Indian channel.

I then noticed that this had taken place during the 5th China Products Exhibition at the Mumbai Grand Hyatt (well, to be precise, in a tent outside the Mumbai Grand Hyatt). This is officially organised by CCPIT as you would expect. What caught my eye, though, was that it is actually managed by Worldex India Exhibition & Promotion Pvt Ltd. Worldex is Thai company whose main business is selling space to Thai companies in over-seas shows. They're pretty good at it.

Interesting then, that they should be moving into event management in India. It's a market that appeals to Thai companies. We know that Khun Ladda's NCC exhibitions team is also active there. I am assuming that we'll see more of these 2 or 3 way ventures between Asian companies as the intra-Asian trades become increasingly important...particularly if the N. American export market falls off its perch.

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