Thursday, January 10, 2008

Asia B2B M&A up 70% in 2007

Slowly, but surely, the Asian B2B media M&A scene is creeping onto the radar. Our tracking of deals in 2007 saw an almost 70% increase in value to US$456 million, up from $269 million in 2006. Average deal value was well up at $15.7 million (although that's still pretty small) over 29 deals, up from 22 in 2006.

More detailed analysis will be sent to our Asia Business Media Tracker Service subscribers later this month. If you want to see this report, let us know.

Predictions for 2008: 37 deals worth $650 million. For the record, we predicted 25 transactions and a deal value of $300 – 350 million in 2007. So, we weren't too far off the mark on deal numbers but way under-estimated total value. Let's hope for another year like that in 2008!

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