Monday, January 21, 2008

Dig deeper Singapore reports that the Singapore government is launching an 8 month competition to develop a new, world-beating multi-media search engine. The prize for the winner is $100,000. "Contestants are required", he report says, "to create a search engine that can identify search terms found not only in text within websites, but in music and video files as well".

Sounds like the holy grail of search engine development to me.

Bloggers altogether more distinguished and expert than I, including searchengineland and Googleguru John Battelle, question whether 8 months is really long enough and whether the prize correctly reflects the scale of the challenge.

Come on Singapore. You just had a record year. Dig deeper. Add a few zeros. That will really get the bright sparks flying.

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Anonymous said...

I think the folks at this HK home-grown search engine should give the $100k a shot:

Suntek has its root from a HKUST academic research project.

But S'pore gov seems doesn't really understand how search engine works. Search on video and audio won't be harder than fighting spam on search engine.