Monday, January 21, 2008

Squatting in Macau

I spent Friday in Macau and stayed the night at the Venetian. Very nice it was too.

With Macau's success and its 27 million visitors in 2007, the ferries have become more and more crowded. The Venetian's parent, Las Vegas Sands, has been trying to alleviate the impact of this by launching its own ferry service, CotaiJet.

This has been hampered by some mysterious legal challenges which smack of dirty tricks. Destination Macau reports on the resumption of service. Scan down to the bottom of the piece, though, as you'll see that the dirty tricks are perhaps not entirely over. Somebody (we offer only very short odds on correctly guessing who) is 'squatting' on the obvious domain name, leaving punters having to remember the slightly less obvious address.

Ah well, as the Venetian nears welcoming its 8 millionth visitor, they can presumably indulge in the luxury of regarding this as a minor fly in the ointment.

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