Monday, December 03, 2007

Facebook's Asian 'friend'

Li Ka Shing is: "investing in Facebook". That presumably is his current status if various news feeds are to be believed (see here). Maybe he will get his own page after having invested $60 million.

As some of you know, I've been tracking this all for a while, trying to work out whether there are any implications for B2B media. So far, my one man jury remains firmly on the fence. I'm not sure that this courageous position will be swayed by LKS's punt but the man is rarely wrong. There's money in them thar' pages, you can bank on that.

It's certainly fun, and it's certainly addictive. Check out the picture of our team on the BSG Facebook page. But whether it's relevant to B2B media, I still really can't tell.

In Bangkok for the next couple of days, so posting may be thin until I'm back in HK on Wednesday.

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