Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Facebook tipping point?

This may be old hat to some of our cutting edge readers, but I am coming to the conclusion that Facebook is about to tip over into the adult mainstream.

It's been the communications medium of choice of my teenage sons for a year or so now (ironically, they switched from My Space at almost exactly the moment that Murdoch bought it). I have been aware of it but not a user and didn't have business contacts or colleagues who were using it. That is changing unbelievably quickly and I'm finding all sorts of people using it (many of whom I wouldn't have expected to).

Just the other day, I read one of the major IT bloggers in the US (sorry, can't remember which) saying that their Facebook connections were about to overtake the LinkedIn ones. This wasn't a recent college grade either. I think he's older than me.

Talking to a client/contact earlier this evening, he also said that he was convinced this was about to take off into the B2B media and information world. I'm not quite sure how and neither was he. So far, it's a medium more suited to family and friends. But, I think he's right. There is something very powerful and addictive about the interface...

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