Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let 100 Chinese language programmes bloom

OK, it's only 9, but today's post on Mobinode about online resources for learning Chinese is a great round-up. The main point?

Web2.0 is not just the social networks and the entertainment with videos, images etc, it is influencing every part of your life.

I would add that there are clearly business opportunities here and people making a living from this stuff. Also, these services, if they begin really to gain hold, will certainly threaten other, more traditional activities around language learning, whether it's selling books and CDs or running evening classes for enthusiastic beginners.

It includes Ken Carroll's Chinese Pod service which I use when trying to push along from that intermediate never-never land in which I find myself with Mandarin. I'm not familiar with the other 9, but they may be worth a look if you don't like this one.

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