Tuesday, October 17, 2006

B2B Mobile....at last

With all the excitement around mobile content over the past 5 years, I've been waiting for somebody to come up with a serious run at mobile B2B (see this posting from May). So, I am interested to see the story on China Tech News that two of China's more interesting media companies, Focus Media and Huicong are planning to work together to build a mobile B2B network.

I do find myself a little confused on the Huicong we're talking about. My understanding was that Huicong was the original name of the company now known as HC International). Global Sources announced a significant strategic investment in that company earlier in the year. It certainly fits the description of "one of the largest B2B service providers". There is, though, another Huicong which appears to be more B2C and is related to another organisation. I will report further on this.

Focus Media we do know (we see their screens in every almost every office lift lobby in Hong Kong and China) and reported on them when they listed last year.

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