Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fredy Bush - top woman of influence

We have written a few things in the past year regarding Xinhua Finance (here most recently). CEO Fredy Bush has just been selected by Hong Kong's American Chamber of Commerce as Entrepreneur of the Year in its Women of Influence Awards, jointly sponsored with the South China Morning Post newspaper.

Quoting Bush, the SCMP feature on the story says "Risk-taking was a prerequisite for entrepreneurship, she said. 'Risks are married with opportunities ... entrepreneurs are risk-takers ... I'm proud to be in the category of entrepreneur [in the Women of Influence Awards] because entrepreneurs tend to spur the economy. We employ people. I like that moniker,' she said".

Xinhua Finance's own press release on the news is here.

We write a lot about how hard it is to do business in China in our industry, so it's great to see somebody recognised for working out how to do it and for then doing it on a really substantial scale. Those challenges are exemplified by Xinhua Finance's own 10th October press release regarding legal proceedings in China over the Xinhua FTSE Index.

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