Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Nature and the Booker

I was lucky enough to participate in a panel at an Amsterdam conference last month with Richard Charkin, the CEO of Macmillan. His blog provides great insights into parts of the publishing industry about which I don't know anywhere near enough. Recommended reading.

Today he is talking about the new Booker Prize winner Kiran Desai (note how this Wikipedia entry is already up-to-date. You have to love it) and developments at Macmillan's Nature Publishing Group. We wrote a bit about that back in January.

Charkin quotes Jason Wilde, the publisher of Nature Nanotechnology saying:

Not only have we launched new titles but we have also expanded our editorial operations to include Asia. The decision to have one of the editors for Nature Nanotechnology in Tokyo reflects the strengths of the Asia-Pacific region. Japan is second only to the US in terms of investment in nanotechnology research, and South Korea is ranked fifth in the world. China is also emerging as a force in nanotechnology and scientific research.

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