Wednesday, October 25, 2006

From China Web 2.0 Review: Search News Roundup

China Search News Roundup writes: "Jerry LiuBaidu CTO resigned: Jerry Liu, CTO of Baidu, announced today that he will resign from Baidu, which will take effective on December 19, 2006. Jerry Liu joined Baidu in January 2000, he is first employee of Baidu besides founders of Baidu. The news said that he will consider to run his own startup later.

Baidu anti-virus channel: Baidu launched an anti-virus channel recently. Baidu partners with major domestic and international anti-virus service providers, including McAfee, Trend Micro, King Duba, KV2006 and others, to provide free online virus scan service and anti-virus update service subscription service.

Yahoo China vs. Baidu: Yahoo China launched an interesting campaign to promote its search service. Yahoo China presents both the search results from Yahoo China and Baidu in the same screen for users to choose which one is the results from Yahoo. Users are allowed to input any keyword for comparison. I tried it and I have to admit that it is not easy for me to differentiate their results.

Hour41’s special search box: Hour41(IE only) is a newly launched job search engine, which has a special input box in homepage. You can enter the keyword either horizontally or vertically, but I think it is nothing but cool, and it will confuse users.

(Via China Web2.0 Review.)

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