Thursday, August 24, 2006

eBay for business in India

Back at the end of July, we commented on the number of people in India using eBay as their main source of income. This Asia Times article comments further by noting that the online auction house "is rewriting the concept of entrepreneurship in India". It quotes Gautam Thakar, country manager of eBay India, saying that "38% of the current eBay India sellers have quit their jobs to sell on eBay".

Meg Whitman is quoted in the piece saying "Internet entrepreneurship in India is coming of age. She said China, India and Latin America are the three emerging markets eBay is focused on, of which India and China are huge markets with tremendous potential. eBay has to win these markets so that in five years, or maybe even 10, India and China could command a significant portion of eBay's overall business". If the article is not a product of eBay's PR department, it sounds as though they may be having more success in India than they are in in China where Alibaba's Taobao is giving them more than a good run for their money.

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