Thursday, August 24, 2006

Business Media China gets on the train

Given the focus of our blog, you won't be surprised to know that we watch a company called Business Media China with interest. You may be more surprised (if you don't know it) to find that it's listed in Frankfurt (Ticker: DET). It runs a number of trade fairs, having acquired the Guangzhou Zhenwei business a while back. Originally created by Mesago, the company did a reverse takeover of Frankfurt-listed CNV AG a couple of years ago and re-named it BMC a year ago. It's now also focused on publishing and outdoor advertising.

Although judging from the company's web site, this is relatively old news, both the People's Daily and Shanghai Daily run a story today which outlines how BMC has broken the previously domestic monopoly on railway station advertising. Not exactly B2B, but it's interesting to see how this company is developing.

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