Friday, May 16, 2014 offers rebates to Chinese businesses

News this week: The Alibaba Group’s B2B e-commerce subsidiary,, has announced the offer of a rebate to Chinese exporters that complete transactions through Alibaba’s export services provider OneTouch.

Alibaba’s Shenzhen-based subsidiary provides exporters with customs clearance, trade financing, foreign exchange, logistics and other related services. The rebate program will see Chinese exporters receive up to RMB 0.03 for every US$1 in value of export transactions handled through OneTouch.

Separately, announced a partnership agreement with U.S. customs data provider, ImportGenius, which provides subscription-based trade research and product sourcing services. Subscribers of ImportGenius will be offered the option of sending a sourcing query for a particular product through’s AliSourcePro service during their data search. AliSourcePro provides buyers with product quotes from’s verified suppliers within 24 hours.

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