Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thomson Reuters in Asia

I have been a bit lazy. But, all that Thomson Reuters blah blah blah biggest business media company in the world blah blah blah $17 billion blah blah blah PR guff has failed to engage me. I should have been wondering whether there was any Asia angle to this.

Thanks to the South China Morning Post (don't count on too many of those in the course of a year) for saving me the bother. The link, as ever, is behind their increasingly old-fashioned looking paywall, but there are two points of interest to those in Asia:

Thomson Reuters, ... , expects double-digit revenue growth in the region this year on strong demand, managing director for Asia Michael Peace said.
The company has more than 600 staff in its Beijing office alone.
We probably need to be paying a bit more attention to this, Bloomberg and how they fit in with local players like Xinhua Finance.

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