Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The action's in Mumbai

A lot of the interesting activity so far this year seems to be happening in India. We are particularly interested in the emergence of Network 18 within six months as a key player. In a December round-up, we noted three interesting moves including a tie-up with Forbes and the acquisition of ICICI's stake in Infomedia.

Today, we read that Infomedia and Alibaba are tying up. That has the makings of something really interesting. Alibaba's CEO David Wei is quoted in the Livemint piece saying "“We believe this alliance media will help us become the dominant online B2B marketplace in India by the end of 2008". We will be interested to see how (#12 in our Online B2B Top 50) and (#11) respond to this serious step forward by the #1. Who wants to play with them?

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