Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A sense of perspective please gents...

There is, we know, a widely-held belief in both India and China that their time is coming. This translates into a certain amount of corporate chutzpah which we're noticing this week translated into various headlines.

A Google search of the terms "Cybermedia United Business Media" throws up a list of any number of headlines which imply that Pradeep Gupta's company has acquired the whole of CMP's parent company. We were only joking when we said that on Saturday. This post on the India Broadband Forum is typical of many and even more misleading than most:

United Business Media acquired by Cyber Media
United Business Media acquired by Cyber MediaCyber Media has announced that they have now acquired 100 per cent stake in United Business Media.The financial aspects of the deal have not been disclosed to the media.United Business Media would now work as a subsidiary of the company and would continue to provide services to support and [...]
Now, I see on the Aliblog that the Olympic torch route (although presumably not the Tibetan protestors) was organised to follow in the wake of Jack Ma. "Olympic torch follows Jack Ma's recent visit to London" it says. Who'd have thought?

You can watch Jack's speech in London on YouTube. We wrote a couple of weeks ago about David Wei's announcement during the same trip of a new site designed to help UK exporters sell to China.

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