Monday, October 29, 2007

Strange goings on in B2B

I don't have this blog properly set up for guest bloggers but, I'm going to post this message I received from my colleague Mark Cochrane on that basis. To describe this news as strange would have to be the understatement of the week:

Kenfair started trading again this morning. The share swung wildly from HK$1.96 down to HK$1.52 and is now at HK$1.60 [PW note: it closed the day down $0.16 at $1.49 on a day the Hang Seng Index was up 1,181 points!]. They released an 'odd' 28 page document from which, at first glance at least they seem to be buying a coal mine.

Unrelated, but equally strange, TradeEasy's parent company has purchased a huge strip of land in Indonesia for the timber and is using TradeEasy as the vehicle for the purchase.

Strange times in B2B media.

You can say that again Mark. Heck, whatever next? They'll be listing a company and valuing it at 5 times the total worth of the market. Oh, yes. That has happened too.

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