Monday, February 24, 2014

Alibaba to establish e-commerce association in Taiwan

News this week: China’s largest e-commerce company, the Alibaba Group, will establish an e-commerce network association in Taiwan to help local small- and medium-sized companies to trade more effectively in the global market.

After opening its office in Taiwan in 2008, Alibaba has been assisting local companies to make better use of the Internet in their trading activities. The company also aims to Taiwanese SMEs to promote their products internationally. More than 20 Taiwanese companies have come together to form this e-commerce association.

According to Bryan Fu, general manager of Alibaba’s Taiwan branch, the local manufacturing sector is in the midst of a transition. The older generation is not adept in using digital technology, while the younger generation, although born in the age of the Internet, still has limited knowledge about trading with merchants in western countries using e-commerce. The association aims to ease the SMEs transition into the world of e-commerce.

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