Monday, February 25, 2008

PCCW's Netvigator deeply unreliable

An alert to readers of this blog: PCCW's Netvigator e-mail service has developed massive reliability problems in the past week. My personal account has only worked sporadically for the past 7 days and their so-called customer service is unable to respond with anything other than trying to sell me upgrades to my Broadband TV service.

I am now becoming aware that this is not limited to my account and that many other people are suffering from both the poor delivery of e-mail and even poorer technical support.

This is a company we've loved to hate for years (in its previous incarnation as Hong Kong Telecom but especially since Richard Li took it over and renamed it) but they are plumbing new depths of uselessness at the moment.

Update: their technical incompetence knows no bounds it seems. According to this BBC report, PCCW was also responsible for a worldwide blocking of YouTube over the weekend!

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