Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Anhui Ho!

Hmmm...well on Monday I wrote about the focus on the west of China and yesterday asked whether companies will really moving to the infrastructure-lite world of India and Bangladesh when the rest of China beckons.

The China Law Blog has been focusing on the same topic this week and today points to a China Daily piece highlighting the attractions of Anhui. As this was where a lot of the young women working in Pearl River Delta and Greater Shanghai factories were coming from anyway, this makes a lot of sense.

For those of you who are not regular visitors, Nat Krause's picture of downtown Hefei, Anhui's capital, can get you prepared. Yep, just like every other Chinese city.

The media angle to all this is the question of who is best placed to follow the factories into Anhui, Guangxi, Hunan and Jiangxi? In the 1990s, the Taiwan-based traditional competitors of Global Sources withered away to almost nothing. Will the same thing happen now and who will suffer the most?

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