Friday, April 27, 2007

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We write a lot about the B2B companies servicing the consumer merchandise sourcing world. It was with some interest then, that we noticed a post on the China Law Blog directing us to a company which services the sourcing world and is blogging about it.

Asthon Udall's Product Global blog looks interesting and we shall follow it. The challenges he describes in the work of his company, Global Sourcing Specialists in the Bay Area, should direct the types of services and information that the likes of Alibaba, Global Sources and are developing.

In today's post, Udall touches on some of the issues that keep driving buyers back to China. He comments:

Many people have read or heard that lower prices can be found in other countries, such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. We judge where to source for a given project based on not only what that project needs, but also what a country's manufacturing base has to offer. China, as we all know, has quite a bit to offer these days. For the small business beginning offshore sourcing, China offers a lot more than just low prices.

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