Saturday, April 28, 2007

Challenging Shanghai Auto Show

The Shanghai Auto Show has been under way for almost a week and it's generating a mixed bag of stories. Day one apparently saw 100,000 people and a roof blown off by freak bad weather. Yesterday there were reports of a foreign visitor protesting about his business dealings with Brilliance Auto.

Today, some exhibitors are reported to be complaining that they were not in the main halls as expected but in Nanhui. The AFP story about this says:

An official surnamed Guo at the Shanghai Auto Parts Show, where the companies ended up, insisted nothing illegal had been done.
Hmmm. Perhaps not. It does sound, though, as two shows were going on at the same time and that exhibitors were not made entirely clear about which was which. It wouldn't be the first time this has happened at trade shows in China.

On another tack, this Flickr photo collection from Shanghai Sky shows that some things don't change about the world's motor shows. When I was a teenager in the UK, there was much excitement about about topless models at the London Motor Show. Changing mores put an end to that but China is clearly following the Japanese approach when it comes to selling cars. As you can see from Shanghai Sky's collection, there is not a car in sight....none!

The show closes today.

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aquabot said...

Shanghaiist thinks there aren’t enough cars in Shanghai. The air, quite frankly, is incredibly clean.
Shanghai needs more cars.Definitely. And what better place to encourage additional consumption than the Shanghai Auto Show!
Awesome. I -love- how Shanghai has cut down on motorcycles and scooters while promoting the auto.