Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Let's us all sign up for Ali everything

Taking a leaf out of serial entrepreneur Stelios' Hadji-Ioannou's Easy empire, it seems that Alibaba.com is going to preface everything it Ali-touches with the word "Ali-". Just a day after writing about traffic on their Alipay PayPal buster, we see the Shanghai Daily talking about the newly-announced AliJob channel.

The newspaper quotes Wang Yunfeng, a spokesman for Ali College, a company division for training and certifying e-commerce professionals saying, "It will be free to individual job seekers, but we will charge a certain amount of money for corporate users."

Warning: I'm not 100% sure on the reliability of this story. There is no word of Alijob on the Alibaba.com home page and the "Ali College" bit in the Shanghai Daily article (the only press report I can find on the news) sounds a bit fishy. I also found another site called Alijob.com which doesn't appear to have anything to do with the boys in Hangzhou. Does anybody know whether this is real?

Update: I am assured that this initiative is real but not a major change in the business - more a new 'function' of the web site.


Anonymous said...

shanghaidaily's reprot is not correct.
alijob.com is not a website of alibaba.com.

Paul Woodward said...

Thanks. You are right to say that Alijob.com is nothing to do with Alibaba.com. However, there is some truth in the Shanghai Daily story as Alibaba has confirmed to me that, on a low key basis, they are adding job posting functionality to the site.