Sunday, December 24, 2006

Whitman eyes m-Commerce in China

Forbes quotes Meg Whitman suggesting that eBay's withdrawal from China is no such thing (see our most recent TomBay update here) and that m-Commerce is the goal of the tie-up with Tom Online. There's some sense in that as Tom has invested quite a bit in mobile services and content.

The Forbes piece quotes Whitman saying "'We do not anticipate fading from China, we are very committed to the China market and we think the China market is going to be a very big market for m-commerce (mobile commerce) as well as e-commerce".

It also notes that, while the company will be abandonning the eBay brand within China, it "will continue to keep its site active, but this would be only for international transactions and that domestic China auctions would be through the new joint venture.

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