Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Blame the earthquake

Update: There's a message on their customer service (ha!) line now. The earthquake which killed one person in Taiwan and caused a good deal of damage has, apparently, severed one of the main undersea links and we are, indeed, cut off. I wonder if these messages are getting through and, if so, how?

Update update: Various services are now reporting widespread disruption of Internet services around Asia by this quake. Forgive my simple-mindedness, but I though the Internet was originally designed to survive a nuclear strike with the capacity for traffic to be quickly re-rerouted if a major link was lost. If that's the case, why is most of Asia's Internet traffic apparently going through a single point in the south of Taiwan? Seems to defeat the point. Not only is Taiwan earthquake-prone, but it is also under constant threat of military attack from mainland China.

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