Sunday, June 04, 2006

Vietnam Internet Subscribers

Good post here from Hugo Martin on Vietnam. I share his enthusiasm for the market and think that it will develop in a very interesting way in the next five years. Previous efforts to get things started there may have been premature but I really do see things on the move now. Here is Hugo's post:

Vietnam Counts 12,5 Plus Million Internet Subscribers: "I passionated about Viet Nam and its friendly and eager people for a long, long time – even so I never succeeded to start CHIP Magazine in Viet Nam and had to close MM Industrial Magazine during the economical crises – but had interesting discussion and made good friends - therefore, I have to share this update on Viet Nam Internet (via Smart Mobs, taken from Bangkok Post).

Viet Nam News
reported (2-June-2006):


'In recent years, Internet Viet Nam has made a break-through development with more than 12.5 million Internet subscribers , according to the Global Internet Policy Init...

(Via Hugo E. Martin on Media, Marketing & Internet.)

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