Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Global Sources/HC deal hits the headlines

It's been a while since a straight Asian B2B deal has made real headlines. Even last year's Yahoolibaba! deal attracted reporters more because of the B2C and C2C elements of the business.

We note today a Bloomberg piece in the International Herald Tribune. Nothing too new there although the suggestion that Alibaba's market share of domestic B2B in China is 60% while Global Sources has 21% and HC 17% are interesting.

It also includes a slightly dyspeptic quote from Porter Erisman at ""When you bring together two second-place finishers, it doesn't create a winner," he is quoted as saying. Surely they haven't been rattled by this deal?

I missed this evening's webcast of the investor phone in with Global Sources' Merle Hinrichs but it is available here for those who are keen to hear it.

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