Friday, August 22, 2014

Global Sources to launch new communications system

News this week: NASDAQ-listed Global Sources announced plans to launch a new Request For Information (RFI) management system in September. The platform aims to create a smooth, efficient communication process between buyers and suppliers.

According to Global Sources, its RFI system differs from existing online messaging systems in that it allows users to communicate seamlessly from their own email accounts or through Global Sources’ own online forms. The system will then capture and analyse incoming and outgoing communication to help users track the status of RFIs and follow up on specific sourcing requests. Users will be able to access the system through any device in order to check on the status of RFIs.

Spencer Au, CEO of Global Sources, remarked, “This represents a breakthrough in online sourcing communications between buyers and suppliers. In today’s international trade marketplace, there is an overwhelming glut of often questionable information online. The problem is how to filter and qualify the most reliable trade partner to work on a specific sourcing project. We have invested in this state-of-the-art system to improve the RFI communication process and further improve our reputation as the best platform for getting real business done.”

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