Saturday, January 07, 2012

M&A edges up in 2011 in U.S.

News this week: Earlier this week, the Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI), a media-focused investment bank, reported on the M&A activity in the U.S. media market in 2011. JEGI reported that the total value of U.S. media deals increased 9% from US$43 billion in 2010 to US$47 billion in 2011. The total number of deals was up 2% to 896 compared with 881 in 2010.

The B2B online media & technology sector accounted for almost US$6 billion and 63 deals in 2011 – up from 61 deals in 2010 which were worth US$2.6 billion. The U.S. exhibitions & conferences sector recorded 32 deals valued at US$451 million in 2011 – up from 23 deals at US$129 million. The B2B media sector dropped in terms of the number of deals as well as transaction value – slipping from 37 deals with transaction value of US$543 in 2010 to 14 deals valued at US$50 million last year.

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