Thursday, April 15, 2010

HKCEC Phase III debate heats up again

The South China Morning Post reports this morning that Global Sources has stated in a position paper submitted to Hong Kong's Legislative Council that the company will relocate its Hong Kong-based trade shows to mainland China if Phase III of the HKCEC goes ahead.

The SCMP quotes the position paper: "It is clear that if the third phase of the HKCEC proceeds, AsiaWorld-Expo will fail totally. We will certainly be forced to take our events elsewhere, likely to China where the government is extremely supportive of our activities."

In my opinion, approval for Phase III is highly unlikely in the short- and medium-term as the HK government is otherwise occupied with a series of large infrastructure projects. That, however, has not stopped Phase III from becoming a hot topic over the past six months with much of the debate aired in the local press.

The Legislative Council's commerce and industry panel is schedule to discuss the exhibition industry next week which will likely generate more heat and headlines.

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